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2023 22Ripz Moto G12 Pro Electric Bike 

2023 22Ripz Moto G12
Pro Electric Pit Bike
SALE PRICE:  $4,250
Bike is set up for full size
adults, Ripz Moto Bikes are
built to have quick
acceleration therefore not
designed for children. With
a top end speed of up to
50 MPH, the adventures
are endless. All electric bikes
can be stored inside vehicles
or on it’s side!


Motor: Electric

Odometer: 22

Type: Dual-Sport

Weight: 141 lb
35-50 MPH Top End Speed
(Gearing Dependent)
DNM M200 Front Forks
/ DNM Rear Coil Shock
Front & Rear Disc Brakes
-30 to 50 mile range
(50 miles at 15 mph,
38 miles\ at 28mph,
27 miles at 38mph)
110cc look and feel

Featured Options:
72v Motor w/ Inner Rotor
72V Battery
2 to 3 Hour Charge Time
This New Ripz Moto G12 Pro
offers a new look at electric
pitbikes. Custom designed in
California, this top of the line electric motorcycle is built for anything from trails, to bike tracks, BMX jumps, skateparks, and more.
Please Inquire for further details.
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